KHSD Parent Advisory Committee
(DPAC is the Kern High School District’s DAC)

DPAC / DELAC Calendar 2016-2017

Location: KHSD Conference room A

5:30 p.m. –  Light dinner
6:00 p.m. – DELAC Meeting
7:30 p.m. –  DPAC Meeting

  • 9/19/16     Regular meeting
  • 10/24/16   Regular meeting
  • 11/28/16    Regular meeting
  • 12/19/16    Regular meeting
  • 1/30/17      Regular meeting
  • 2/27/17      Regular meeting
  • 3/27/17      Regular meeting
  • 4/24/17      Regular meeting
  • 5/22/17      Regular meeting

For information, contact Lucille Monroig-Serros at 661-827-3291



The Kern High School District (KHSD) receives Economic Impact Aid (EIA)/State Compensatory Education (SCE) funds. As a result, the KHSD is required to establish a district advisory committee (called the DPAC in KHSD) and each school in the district is required to establish a corresponding school advisory committee (SAC: typically called Title I Advisory Committees) for the purpose of advising districts and schools regarding compensatory education programs (like Title I). The laws that require this include California Education Code (EC) 64001 and Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Section 4423.

These councils (committees) are to include a broad representation of the parent population served by the district (or school) including socio-economic and ethnic groups represented in the district/school attendance area. Parents are to constitute the majority of the membership in the district advisory committee with parent representatives being elected by the parents of pupils residing in the district who are participating in the Title I Program (or any other district compensatory education program).

The DPAC is required to certify that the KHSD Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) for categorical funds (including EIA and Title I funds) was developed with review and advice from the DPAC and DELAC. It is important to note that the district advisory committees are not charged with approving the KHSD CARS, but with affirming (certifying) that the committees provided advice and review in the development of the KHSD CARS.


KHSD English Learners Advisory Committee (DELAC)

The law requires any district with 51 or more English learners to have a functioning DELAC (or subcommittee of a district committee) in which at least 51% of the members are parents (not employed by the KHSD) of English learners. The purpose of the DELAC is to advise the district on:

  1. Development of a district master plan for educational programs and services for English learners that takes into consideration the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).
  2. Conducting a district-wide needs assessment on a school by school basis.
  3. Establishment of a district program, goals, and objectives for programs and services for English learners.
  4. Development of a plan to ensure compliance with any applicable teacher and instructional aide requirements.
  5. Administration of the annual Language Census Report (known as the R-30).
  6. Review and comment on the KHSD reclassification procedures.
  7. Review and comment on the written notifications required to be sent to parents and guardians.

The KHSD provides training materials and training appropriate to assist members in carrying out their legal advisory responsibilities, planned in full consultation with committee members. The DELAC also provides review and advice to the district regarding the development of the annual CARS.

DPAC  – 2014/2016

Maria Herrera
Elected 2014
(South High Parent)

Matilde Cervantes
Vice President
Elected 2014
(Arvin High parent)

Gema Castello
Elected 2014
(BHS community member)

Araceli Valadez
Sargent of Arms
Elected 2013
(Foothill parent)

Migrant Region V Representatives:

Maria Herrera – South High parent – Elected 2014

Marivel Martinez – Foothill High parent – Elected 2014


DELAC  – 2014/2016

Veronica Lopez
Elected 2014
(Bakersfield High Parent)

Maria Herrera
Vice President
Elected 2014
(South High Parent)

Maria Gonzalez
Elected 2014
(Ridgeview High parent)

 Veronica Soriano
Sergeant at arms
Elected 2014
(West High community member)

DPAC Agenda & Minutes: 2015

DPAC Agenda – 10-6-2015 English

DPAC Agenda – 10-6-2015 Spanish

DPAC Minutes – 10-6-2015 English

DPAC Minutes – 10-6-2015 Spanish

DPAC Agenda – 11-3-2015 English

DPAC Agenda – 11-3-2015 Spanish

DPAC Minutes – 11-3-2015 English

DPAC Minutes – 11-3- 2015 Spanish

DPAC Agenda – 12-1- 2015 English

DPAC Agenda – 12-1-2015 Spanish

DPAC Minutes – 12-1-2015 English

DPAC Agenda 2-2-2016 English

DPAC Agenda – 2-2-2016 Spanish

DPAC Minutes – 2-2-2016 English

DPAC Minutes – 2-2-2016 Spanish

DPAC Agenda – 3-9-2016 English

DPAC Agenda – 3-9-2016 Spanish

DPAC Agenda – 3-9-2016 English

DPAC Minutes 3-9-2016 Spanish

DPAC agenda – 4-6- 2016 English

DPAC Agenda – 4-6-2016 Spanish

DPAC Minutes – 4-6-2016 English

DPAC Minutes 4-6-2016 Spanish

DPAC Agenda – 5-3-2016 English

DPAC Agenda – 5-3-2016 Spanish

DPAC Minutes – 5-3-2016 English

DPAC Minutes – 5-3-2016 Spanish

DPAC Con App Minutes English – summer 2016

DELAC Agenda & Minutes: 2015

DELAC Agenda – 10-6-2015 English

DELAC Agenda – 10-6-2015 Spanish

DELAC Minutes – 10-6-2015 English

DELAC Minutes – 10-6-2015 Spanish

DELAC Agenda – 11-3-2015 English

DELAC Agenda – 11-3-2015 Spanish

DELAC Minutes – 11-3-2015 English

DELAC Minutes – 11-3-2015 Spanish

DELAC Agenda – 12-1-2015 English

DELAC Agenda – 12-1-2015 Spanish

DELAC Minutes – 12-1- 2015 English

DELAC Agenda 2-2-2016 English

DELAC Agenda – 2-2-2016 Spanish

DELAC Minutes – 2-2-2016 English

DELAC Minutes – 2-2-2016 Spanish

DELAC Agenda 3-9-2016 English

DELAC Agenda – 3-9-2016 Spanish

DELAC Minutes – 3-9-2016 English

DELAC Minutes 3-9-2016 Spanish

DELAC Agenda 4-6-2016 English

DELAC Agenda – 4-6-2016 Spanish

DELAC Minutes – 4-6-2016 English

DELAC Minutes – 4-6-2016 Spanish

DELAC Agenda 5-3-2016 English

DELAC Agenda 5-3-2016 Spanish

DELAC Minutes – 5-3-2016 English

DELAC Minutes – 5-3-2016 Spanish

DELAC Agenda (LCAP) 5-11-2016 English

DELAC Agenda (LCAP) – 5-11-2016 Spanish

DELAC Minutes – 5-11-2016 English

DELAC Minutes – 5-11-2016 Spanish



DPAC / DELAC: Agenda & Minutes Archive